A Lean Approach to Healthcare

Our Team Continually Strives for Perfection.

We Work Together to Identify Opportunities.

We Believe the Problems Are in the Process, Not the People.

Empowering Those Involved to Discover Solutions.

In 2008, Asbury’s management staff attended Perfecting Patient Care University - a training program conducted by Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative. The training is modeled from the practices of the Toyota Production System and promotes a blame-free culture where problems are addressed using the lean approach to problem solving. These practices are applied in all departments to improve services delivered, quality, and customer satisfaction.

In most cases, problems reside within the process, not the individual. When faced with a reoccurring problem, Asbury staff creates a process map of the current condition. Once the map is complete, staff directly involved with the process joins together in addressing problem areas within the current system. These are opportunities for improvement. Although there may be many problems with a process, the problems are addressed one at a time. This helps to assure a steady improvement toward the “ideal process”: no errors, no defects and no waste for a lean approach. 

Utilizing this way of thinking is helping Asbury become a more efficient and productive organization. Applying logic with the scientific method also has the ability to eliminate waste, improve quality and customer satisfaction while also addressing the elimination of time and cost wastes. 

Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative Executive Summary