Institute for Interventional Gerontology

Asbury Heights is a leading provider of residential living for older adults. Services cross the continuum from independent living through personal care, memory support and skilled nursing care.

Through its Living Well at Asbury initiative, Asbury is bringing evidence-based methods into practice to address aging-related issues affecting cognition, function and mood.The establishment of the Institute for Interventional Gerontology now positions Asbury at the forefront of clinical interventions for this population.

The Institute for Interventional Gerontology is a collaboration between Asbury Heights and the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, Department of Behavior and Community Health Services.



Medical Students

Medical students from the University of Pittsburgh

In the way that teaching hospitals see more, do more and know more about the treatment and care of individuals, the Institute for Interventional Gerontology will enable Asbury Heights to see more, do more and know more about the care of older adults.

For years, advancements in science have provided resources and therapies to enable individuals to live longer, but not necessarily to live well. The Institute will collaborate with researchers and clinicians on non-pharmacological projects that have a high probability of maintaining, increasing or lessening the decline of physical function, mood or cognition and reducing life-care expenses for older adults over the long term.

Through the Institute, researchers and clinicians are provided the opportunity to explore various research hypotheses. The Institute will consider only projects with informed hypotheses and solid theoretical grounding and IRB approval.

An Advisory Committee consisting of staff from both the Graduate School of Public Health and Asbury Heights along with Asbury residents will review projects for consideration and approval. A limited number of projects will take place each year.

Researchers interested in submitting a project should download and complete the form below and send to:

Audrey Burgoon, Chief of Staff
Asbury Heights
Institute for Interventional Gerontology
700 Bower Hill Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15243

Download the Research Project Proposal Form (PDF)