Living Well at Asbury

Asbury Heights is a leading continuing care community whose mission is to improve the lives of older adults through high-quality and compassionate care. Living Well at Asbury incorporates the latest research, technology and techniques to improve programs and activities that are carried through all that we do.

 The goals are to:

  • improve thinking, moving, feeling. 
  • create less disability and more function for our residents.
  • reduce the need for hospitalization and the associated costs. 
  • improve quality of life.

Asbury serves the physical, social and spiritual needs of nearly 500 residents of diverse religious backgrounds. Recognizing the individuality of each resident’s variety of needs, we offer a full range of residential living accommodations and healthcare services including independent living, personal care, nursing and rehabilitative care, and specialty dementia care. Our residents and their families can enjoy the comfort and security of familiar surroundings and continuity of care provided by our dedicated and compassionate staff.

This long-standing tradition of combining science and practical care as we seek to improve the lives of our residents is the basis behind our Living Well at Asbury program. The purpose of Living Well at Asbury is to provide quality programming for residents of Asbury Heights that represents the state-of-the-art in long-term care. As people age, they face certain issues relating to their bodies and brains. These typically include limitations in their ability to walk, climb steps, carry normal loads, and grasp items, as well as their ability to learn and retain information, handle losses, and manage the stresses of life’s changes.

Living Well at Asbury is designed to enable our residents to maximize cognition, functioning, and mood to maintain the highest level of independence and quality of life possible, for the longest period of time, while maintaining a safe and secure living situation.