STAY:  Support and Timely Attention for You

Through Asbury’s STAY Program (included in your monthly service package), you can, in many cases, continue to live independently in your home within the Asbury Heights community when your health needs change.

STAY consists of a highly skilled team of licensed nurses – under the direction of Asbury’s Health and Wellness Center – who work closely with our Independent Resident Services Director to identify and facilitate support services in your home at Asbury. In many cases, this can delay your need to move into a different level of care.

Who is eligible to participate in the STAY program?

All independent living residents in the Asbury Carriage Homes, Bower Hill main campus apartments or The Embassy can take advantage of STAY services.

What types of services does STAY provide?

  • Medication ordering
  • Coordinate in-home lab and X-ray services
  • Some medical treatments
  • Observations following an illness, hospitalization or medical procedure.
  • Monitoring of chronic conditions
  • Assistance coordinating appointments with health care providers
  • Coordinate personal care plans with physicians
  • Increased opportunities for staff to provide preventive and early intervention services
  • Assistance in coordinating home care services through community providers (resident is responsible to make payment to home care provider for services)
  • Weekly medication box fill and check (for a small fee)
  • Immediate emergency response 
  • Coordinate Dexascan, Doppler and Echo tests if necessary 

STAY team members are an integral part of our Living Well Program. Our staff works with you to monitor and adjust your Living Well Plan to enable you to live life at your best.

For more information about the STAY program at Asbury Heights or to register free of charge, contact Sherry Garner, RN, Independent Living Nurse at 412-571-5143 or email


REACH: Resources, Education And Caregiver Help

REACH is a program designed for independent couples in which one suffers from early signs of dementia. This may be ideal for those who want to remain independent but need occasional assistance caring for their loved one.

Resources, Education And Caregiver Help is what REACH stands for and it’s exactly what participants will receive. Through the program, at no additional cost, residents will have access to a support system that includes:

  • Caregiver support
  • Access to a monthly support group
  • Physical, speech and occupational therapy screenings
  • Asbury Place activities
  • Routine STAY program support

REACH gives flexibility to the primary caregiver and allows them to do things for themselves and enjoy a much needed break. For an extra fee, residents can receive the following:

  • Adult day care (half and full day) at Asbury Place
  • Assistance from STAY program in coordinating home care services. (Resident is responsible to make payment to home care provider for services.)
  • On-site physical, speech and occupational therapy