Telemedicine at Asbury Heights

Asbury Heights is among the first organizations in the region to utilize a new telemedicine technology offered through Curavi Health Inc., a Pittsburgh-based company and subsidiary of UPMC. The ultimate goal is to reduce avoidable hospital re-admissions.

Curavi has a formal relationship with UPMC physicians to provide after-hours consults from fellowship-trained geriatricians. Using Curavi’s telemedicine equipment and software, physicians can identify acute changes in a patient’s condition and intervene in a timely way at night and on weekends via video conference. Additionally, physicians can remotely interact with patients through Bluetooth stethoscope, digital otoscope, document scanner and 12-lead EKG system.

By reducing avoidable transitions, Asbury can remain a vital partner with our local hospitals which are often penalized by Medicare for avoidable patient readmission. Asbury wants to be part of the solution and sees Curavi’s technology as a way to reach this goal. 

The telemedicine technology is now being used in our Nursing Center.