STAR Awards

Congratulations to the following employees who achieved service milestones in 2017. These honorees  were thanked by Roger Davis Jr., Executive Director, and enjoyed a special luncheon and dessert buffet on February 22 in celebration of their service. They also received a bonus check and gift. Honorees were entertained by magician Seth Neustein

25 Year 
Dina Boyle
Karen Lockhart

20 Year 
Stan Muldrow
Katie Simcox
Rita Turner

15 Year
Lusandris  Harris 

10 Year
George Adamson
Ben Clark
Shana Fisher

5 Year 
Elias Assi
John Balint
Sherry Garner
Tonya Gregory
Diane Hustava
Beth Jacot
Tish Manfred
Debra Nichols
Jennifer Porol
Tamie Seskey
Venita Sly
Kristin Warren
Barb Wilson