What is Personal Care?

Personal Care is a supportive living arrangement in which residents are encouraged to be as independent as possible with the availability of assistance when necessary. Food, shelter and services including, but not limited to, bathing, dressing, dietary and medication management, housekeeping, and activities are provided.

What happens if my money runs out?

Asbury Heights is a not-for-profit, continuum of care in senior living options. There is a benevolent care program that will provide for those who have depleted their resources over the extended period of their residency and can no longer pay full charges for their care and accommodations.

Can I continue to be seen by my own doctors?

Yes. You can continue to see your own doctors at their offices or they may visit you at Asbury (with the prior approval of Asbury’s Medical Director). You also have the opportunity to be seen by the board-certified, fellowship trained physicians at the Asbury Heights Health and Wellness Center.

What other medical services do you provide?

We have available on campus the following medical specialists:

  • Dentists
  • Ophthalmologists
  • Opticians
  • Podiatrists
  • Audiologists
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists
  • Laboratory Services
  • Mobile X-rays 

What hospital will I have to use?

You can go to the hospital of your choice (where your physician practices). However, in a critical situation, it may be necessary for you to be taken to St. Clair Hospital, which is the nearest medical facility for emergency treatment.

Do I have to use your pharmacy?

No. You can use a pharmacy of your choice with the understanding that you must follow the guidelines established by the Department of Public Welfare who provided the license for personal care at Asbury Heights. Additional charges may beIf you need emergency medication, you can use our pharmacy services. 

Does your pharmacy accept my insurance program?

Our pharmacy accepts most major prescription plans. If there is a doubt, we would be happy to call the pharmacy to verify coverage.

How will I be billed?

You will be billed monthly for your daily rent for the upcoming month. Ancillary fees, such as styling salon services, guest meals and laundry for the previous month will be included on your monthly statement.

Do you provide furnishings?

Most residents prefer to bring their furniture and personal items from home, but we would be happy to provide you with a bed, dresser and mirror, nightstand and lamp, and a comfortable chair.

Can I go out with my family and friends?

Yes. There is no curfew. We ask that you inform the nursing staff when you will be away in order for them to prepare your medications to take with you.

What are the visiting hours?

This is your home. Family and friends are welcome to visit at any time. Please have your family and friends sign in when they visit.

Will I be able to follow the special diet my physician has ordered?

Our Dining Services Department is prepared to enable you to follow any special diet your physician has ordered. There is a Registered Dietician available for consultation with you and your family regarding your dietary needs. Special diet menus are available upon request.

How often will I get help with bathing per week?

Staff will assist you with showers two times per week. You are welcome to bathe independently as often as you’d like if you are safely able to accomplish this task.

Is there an additional charge for laundry service?

Personal laundry is not included in the base rate. However, there are washers and dryers available for your use free of charge (you provide the laundry detergent/fabric softener). Family members and/or friends are welcome to do your laundry.

Is cable service provided?

Yes. Basic cable is provided as part of your service package. Upgrades are available for an additional fee.

Can I go to the Asbury Health and Wellness Center when I need it?

If your physician is part of the Benedum Geriatric Center, you may visit our Health and Wellness Center when you need it. If not, we encourage you to see your primary care physician. 

What are some examples of extra charges that are not included in the base rate?

Costs for medication, doctor visits, medical supplies, incontinent supplies, Beauty Shop services, guest meals, personal laundry and escort services are some extra charges you may see on your monthly statement.

Do you provide transportation?

Asbury provides van transportation for pre-scheduled medical appointments and outings.