Symbria Rehab

Asbury Heights works with Symbria Rehab, a full service rehab and wellness provider, to provide individualized treatment programs and services to insure the highest outcomes so you have a better life.  

Our comprehensive rehabilitation programs utilize therapist developed Clinical Care Pathways and Disease Management Modules so you can return to your highest level of independence.


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Tx- Therapy and Exercise to the Fifth Power

Tx5 is a uniquely structured intensive rehab program that offers therapy and exercise to the fifth power. It is an innovative approach aimed at accelerating a patient’s rehabilitation and recovery by introducing therapy followed by multiple intermittent exercise sessions throughout the day. With the power of five sessions between therapy and exercise, short-term rehab patients are expected to achieve better gains in strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and function than traditional rehabilitation programs. By utilizing the expertise of our SeniorFITness staff with our therapy staff, we can deliver a unique program that will result in better outcomes and decrease risk of hospital readmission.

Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Rates (PDF)