The Value of Geriatricians

Geriatricians are medical doctors specially trained to meet the unique healthcare needs of older adults and are experts in the biology of aging which includes cancer, dementia, depression, falls, frailty, heart disease, incontinence, infections, mobility, osteoporosis and pain. As our country’s population ages, there is a greater need for geriatricians. Unfortunately, there are many more students opting for other specialties for various reasons such as the “glamour” of surgery or the high salaries of dermatologists and other specialties. 

Doctor David Nace

Dr. David Nace, Medical Director

Asbury Heights is fortunate to have three Board Certified, Fellowship-Trained geriatricians available to its residents. Dr. David Nace, Dr. Rollin Wright and Dr. John Naumovski come from the University of Pittsburgh’s Division of Geriatric Medicine.

Asbury Heights also takes part in the University of Pittsburgh's Geriatric Teaching Program. Medical students visit Asbury’s campus to receive hands-on practice alongside our geriatricians. It’s promising to begin to see young students turning to Asbury Heights as the expert in geriatric care as they study to become geriatricians themselves.  

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