What is the Living Well at Asbury initiative?

Living Well at Asbury results in more function and fewer limitations for you, enabling you to live as happily and independently as you are able. Improvements in physical and emotional health have come about from years of research. People are living longer and living better as a result. Living Well at Asbury is built on evidence-based care – combining knowledge gained from research already conducted with a closer look at your specific needs. To help us get to know you better, we conduct a brief interview that includes a detailed questionnaire. This information is used to create your Living Well Profile that lets us know how we can help you live life at your best. By taking the best of the science and applying it to your needs, we develop your personal Living Well Plan. Our staff works with you to monitor and adjust your Living Well Plan to enable you to live life at your best. The knowledge we gain from your experiences and those of other residents lets us document outcomes and see trends. We know what works and what doesn’t, so we can recommend the very best, personalized care for you so that you can live independently for as long as possible.

Do I purchase my Asbury unit?

No. There is an entrance fee and a monthly service package fee.

Are utilities included in my rent?

Yes, all utilities, except phone and personal Internet, are included in the monthly service package.

Are meals included?

Residents who live in our independent living apartments, studios or suites are entitled to one meal per day as part of the monthly service package. Additional meals can be purchased. Meals are not included for Carriage Home and The Embassy residents, but a meal plan can be purchased, if desired.

Are housekeeping services included in my monthly service package?

Yes. A housekeeper is available every other week without additional charge.

Does Asbury have an emergency call system?

Yes. All independent living residents on the Bower Hill campus wear an emergency call pendant that they can press to summon nursing personnel 24-hours a day in the case of an emergency.

What type of transportation is available to Asbury’s independent residents?

Asbury provides mini buses that make scheduled trips to shopping malls, supermarkets and restaurants as well as sightseeing and entertainment destinations. The vans may also be reserved for personal medical appointments and personal trips.

What type of medical care does Asbury Heights offer?

Asbury Heights has health care professionals – including geriatricians – who see residents in the Asbury Health and Wellness Center on the main campus. In addition, we offer a full range of laboratory and X-ray procedures as well as physical, occupational and speech therapy on site. Residents can choose to work with our health care team, or our staff can coordinate your care with your personal physician. Also, a team of medical specialists has office hours at the Health and Wellness Center.

What if I need a higher level of care?

Asbury Heights offers residents a continuum of care including personal care, nursing and rehabilitative care and specialty memory support care. Independent senior living residents needing additional assistance can transition into a higher level of care without leaving the campus.

If I run out of money, will I be asked to leave Asbury’s campus?

Asbury Heights is a faith-based, not-for-profit, continuum of care provider. There is a benevolent care fund that will provide for those who have depleted their resources over the extended period of their residency and can no longer pay full charges for their care and accommodations. In our more than 100 years of serving older adults, no resident has been asked to leave because they have spent down their resources (provided a thorough financial disclosure was given on the admission application and gifting of resident’s the majority of assets did not occur after admission to Asbury).