Downsizing can be very stressful. Something that might help minimize the stress and give your loved one something to look forward to after moving to Asbury is to have photographs of the previous home. Pay special attention to favorite things or nooks in the house. Get the photos developed and spend time with your loved one putting them in a photo album or scrapbook. This is time you can spend together sharing old memories and creating new ones.

Additional Downsizing Tips

  • Be patient and understanding. Moving from a home you or your parents have known for many years is a large step and can be an emotional experience. Patience will make the transition easier.
  • If you’re helping a parent or family member downsize, rather than feeling like they are giving in, encourage your loved one to feel in control by selecting items obtained over the years and giving them to special people in their lives. Many find comfort in the knowledge that their possessions are being cherished and looked after by those they love.
  • Seek out an appraiser to assess the value of the older objects. Discovering that items have gained a significant value can reduce the stress of downsizing and boost the morale of everyone involved in the downsizing effort.
  • Plan your move ahead of time. Use a floor plan to arrange furniture and other belongings before actually moving them into the new space.
  • Consider spaces that aren’t used as frequently such as attics, basements, or closets. These often have items that haven’t seen light for years – even decades – and will be easier to sort through and get removed.
  • Recruit help from younger family members, friends or neighbors. A professional moving company is also a good option if your budget permits.
  • Consider contacting a senior move manager for assistance. Senior move managers have backgrounds in social work, health care, nursing and gerontology and can assist with the physical and mental requirements of a move. The National Association of Senior Move Managers,, may be able to make recommendations.

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