Video Wall Displays

Video Walls Offer Unique Way to Honor or Memorialize a Loved One

For many of our donors, they find that an honor/memorial gift is a nice way to remember a loved one, or to let someone know how special they are. 

In turn, these gestures from the heart help Asbury to fulfill our mission.

Now, with the use of our Video Walls, Donors have access to a unique honor/memorial option in which their tribute can be featured electronically! 

How Does it Work?  
Donors who join, renew, or upgrade their 2017 Frances Hamilton Society membership, at the Sustainer Level or higher ($250 or more), can create an electronic tribute.  Working with Asbury Foundation, we will assist in setting the date and creating your message to be featured.    

Want to learn more?  
Contact us at 412-571-5106