Mobility is the key to healthy aging and maintaining social activity, cognitive function and wellbeing. Asbury provides a wide variety of recreational opportunities to keep you as active as you want to be. 

You’ll want to make room in your schedule for our various social outings and recreational opportunities on campus. 

Social outings include:

  • Entertainment events
  • Dinners
  • Lunches
  • Shopping trips
  • Visits to local attractions

A few of our regular recreational programs include:

  • Baking demos
  • Book reviews
  • Creative classes (painting, writing, crafting, journaling)
  • Happy Hour
  • Lectures 
  • Musical entertainment
  • Neurobics (puzzles and brain teasers – a workout for the brain!)
  • Virtual reality

A variety of puzzles and board games are also available.

Interested in other things? Mention them to our Activity professionals who will work to incorporate your interests into our month of programs!

Download the Monthly Calendar to find out what we're doing this month!